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St Louis DWI Lawyer Shin Cho

St. Louis Criminal Lawyer, Shin Cho, provides passionate and effective representation for clients in St. Louis County  and City, and the surrounding regions (Franklin County, Jefferson County, and St. Charles County), with a specialized focus as a St Louis DWI Lawyer serving clients in the metropolitan area.  The Law Office of Shin Cho was formed with a very specific mission in mind:  To ensure that each and every client’s case receives the absolute best services of a St Louis criminal lawyer — regardless of the magnitude of the criminal charge or complexity of the legal matter.   Based in the South County area of St. Louis (Oakville, Mehlville, Lemay, Affton, etc.),   as St Louis Criminal Lawyer, Shin has established a proven record of delivering excellent results  to his clients from all across the region, ranging from the East St. Louis / Belleville area, to the St. Louis Metro Area,  and on to the mid-Missouri region.

Criminal Defense & DWI Attorney Shin Cho has focused his practice nearly exclusively on criminal defense, and has   personally handled  thousands of criminal cases in Missouri and Illinois, continuously honing and developing the legal skills and knowledge required to make sure each and every client  is afforded the fullest protection possible.  

No matter what type of criminal charge you may be facing, whether it be DUI / DWI, Driving While Suspended or Revoked, Drug Possession or Distribution, Sex Crimes (Sexual Misconduct, Child Pornography, Forcible or Statutory Rape or Sodomy, etc), Property Crimes (Burglary, Receiving Stolen Property, Stealing, etc.), or Violent Crimes (Assault, Domestic Assault, Robbery, Manslaughter, Murder, etc), the Law Office of Shin Cho has you covered.  Criminal defense is, and always has been, the primary focus here.  It is Shin’s   passion.  It is the air he breathes, day in and day out.  

A St Louis DWI Lawyer
With the Expertise You Need

Facing a DWI charge can be  an extremely stressful experience for some.   Although Shin handles many different types of criminal defense cases  in St. Louis and the surrounding region, he knows how important it is for a DWI Attorney to know the highly-specific rules, regulations, and procedures  that come into play in these cases.   Far too many so-called St Louis DWI  lawyers  are not aware of the many legal issues  which are exclusive to DUI or DWI  law .   At the Law Office of Shin Cho, rest assured, you will be  represented by a DWI lawyer who  knows the ins and outs of the DWI case, and takes great pride in his proven results for past DWI clients in St. Louis.

“Too often, I see  people getting pressured into taking garbage plea deals for charges that are either trumped-up or flat-out false, by their ‘defense attorneys’ –  fancy suits who are either too incompetent to get a better offer for their client, or too chicken to step up and go to trial.  

Don’t fall into that trap.  Hire a defense attorney who is actually on your side.  Hire someone who will shoot you straight.  Hire someone who cares about you.  At the Law Office of Shin Cho, rest assured that your liberty will be defended by a criminal defense & DWI attorney with real trial experience and expertise in DWI / DUI law, criminal law and constitutional law.”



Vital Attributes of an Effective Criminal Defense Attorney


Trial Attorney Experienced in Criminal Defense, Specialized in DUI/DWI, Drugs
Not Afraid to Fight For Your Rights

At the Law Office of Shin Cho, you can sleep a little easier knowing that your attorney will not back down from a fight.  As an experienced St Louis criminal lawyer, Shin Cho has taken numerous cases to trial, and will fight tooth and nail to protect your rights.


Attorney Shin Cho has negotiated for reduced charges, no jail time, and even complete dismissal of all criminal charges
Skilled Negotiator

Though we are willing and ready to take your case all the way to trial, we also understand that there are times when a Client wishes to resolve his or her legal issues through negotiations.  Shin knows what it takes to obtain favorable offers, often involving reduced charges, or probation deals which avoid jail time and a permanent conviction.  These are skills and tactics learned through handling hundreds of Illinois and St Louis DWI cases, Criminal Charges, and St Louis Traffic Matters.


Every client and all criminal charges are important to the Law Office of Shin Cho
Quality Over Quantity

In keeping with our mission to maintain a client-focused approach, our office takes steps to be selective in taking on cases, thus ensuring that each and every Client’s file gets the work and attention it needs.

At the Law Office of Shin Cho, we know that in both criminal cases and immigration matters, dedication and attention to detail for each and every file is crucial.  


Client Testimonials

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Ben Alsop
Ben Alsop
16:45 20 May 17
My experience with Shin was great. I originally hired him with a different firm and that is how I got introduced. It was when I had a follow up issue come up a year later that needed attention that I realized that he had moved on from his original firm, but I called him anyway because I was comfortable with him by then. Shin graciously stepped in and sorted out my followup issue pro bono when he could have easily just sent me back to his old firm. That is class! Shin is an excellent up and coming Attorney and I have no doubt that he will do an excellent job helping others with their legal needs. Shin is also always available when you need him, often communicating with me at odd hours and on any day of the week. Very personal service which was a big plus for me.read more
Samantha Crews
Samantha Crews
00:15 17 May 17
I had an excellent experience with Shin. He is very professional and organized. He was able to get me in right away and never had any issues. He always kept me updated with my case, back in 2016, and I was never disappointed with my results. Shin also got my case dropped, which was very satisfying. He was willing to ansser any question with no hesitaion. I would hire him again and recommend anyone to hire him!read more
Nancy Varble
Nancy Varble
21:47 18 May 17
I had a great experience with using The Law Office Of Shin Cho , Very professional , communicative and persistent. I was very satisfied in the results of my case. I have and will continue to refer Shin Co in the future to friends and family.read more
Mitch Crews
Mitch Crews
03:08 17 May 17
Shin is the most hands on and dedicated lawyer in the area (IMO). He takes the time to really understand your situation completely and thoroughly reviews all facts. He is the one you want in your corner when you're up against the justice system in any scenario.read more
Joseph Ott
Joseph Ott
19:34 18 Apr 17
Shin Cho is an amazing attorney. He works extremely hard for his clients and has a proven history of getting fantastic results. I would highly recommend him for any issues you may have.read more
Benjamin Sabic
Benjamin Sabic
16:12 23 Jun 17
Shin was a delight to work with under the circumstances, but more importantly he really takes the time to go over everything with you in detail, so you've got nothing to worry about. Very courteous and professional. The man is on top of it all, my case was over super fast. As long as I need a lawyer I will be calling him, and I would definitely reccomend calling Shin if you are in need of legal services.read more
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Law Office of Shin Cho
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Darrion A. Walker
Darrion A. Walker
I have had the pleasure of knowing Shin for years, and I can - without a doubt - say that he is one of the most passionate, sharp, and dedicated lawyers I know. When Shin is on your side, you can believe that no stone is left unturned, and that you have one of the fiercest advocates on your behalf. Shin tells it like it is, explains legal options thoroughly, and will not hesitate to hold the government's "feet" to the fire. If you are looking for a St. Louis-area attorney who will not only consistently put in the time and effort your case deserves, but will shoot straight with you, Shin is your guy.read more
Min Choi
Min Choi
Shin Cho is all and more you can ask for as a attorney. Thanks to him I got my licence, if it wasn't for him I would not be able to drive until 2021 if not longer! Highly recommend him.read more
Brian Winebright
Brian Winebright
Mr. Cho is the best attorney to hire if you are facing any criminal charges - no matter how serious they may be. He works hard for his clients and won't back down without a fight.read more
Walter Stokely
Walter Stokely
I would trust Shin with my life on the line. Excellent lawyer, both pretrial and trial.
Joe Ott
Joe Ott
Shin Cho is an excellent attorney. He works hard and gets great results. If you make one mistake, avoid a second and get a good trial lawyer like Shin.read more
Juan Hammel
Juan Hammel
Shin is professional and personable. He presents the strongest defense and gives his clients personal attention.read more
Derek Brown
Derek Brown
Mr. Cho is a zealous defender of his clients' rights and freedoms. I saw him do a great job at a trial in Cole County.read more



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