St. Louis Traffic Law & Traffic Ticket Defense

Traffic citations can result in “points” against your driver’s license, raising insurance premiums, or automatic license suspensions or revocations.  If you have been pulled over and ticketed for a traffic violation, having an experienced traffic lawyer can save you the headache and the expense of dealing with these potential issues.  The Law Office of Shin Cho has assisted countless Missourians and Illinoisans in getting their tickets amended or reduced to non-moving violations (“no-point” violations), and has helped many folks reinstate their driver’s licenses after months or years of license revocations.

The St. Louis traffic lawyers at the Law Office of Shin Cho have you covered for every type of traffic ticket in the St. Louis County, St. Louis City, and East St. Louis areas, including:

  • Speeding tickets
  • Violations for running a stop sign or running a red light
  • Driving without insurance (Failure to Maintain Financial Responsibility)
  • Driving while suspended or revoked
  • Driving in a careless and imprudent manner
  • Leaving the scene of an accident

Between the Missouri State Highway Patrol, county sheriff’s departments, and dozens of municipal police departments in the St. Louis region, countless traffic tickets are issued on a daily basis in the Greater St. Louis Region.

The experienced St. Louis Traffic Lawyers at Law Office of Shin Cho know just how quickly these traffic tickets can add up, and the importance of avoiding convictions for moving violations.  Traffic citations for moving violations, like the ones listed above, can often result in points being assessed against your driver’s license and an increase in auto insurance premiums.  The accumulation of too many points can even trigger a suspension or revocation of your driver’s license.

Our goals as traffic law advocates are simple:

  • Avoid jail time
  • Eliminate or minimize court fines
  • Most importantly, avoid points and protect your driver’s license

Look to the Law Office of Shin Cho when you have a question related to traffic law.  We offer personal attention on every case, so schedule now and protect your rights. Clients throughout the St. Louis, MO area turn to our firm because we have a proven record of excellence in traffic law defense.

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