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If you’ve been arrested for Driving While Intoxicated or Driving Under the Influence, it is of vital importance that you obtain legal representation to fight both the criminal charges (i.e., the actual DWI charge) and the administrative action against your driver license (i.e., license suspension or revocation).

St. Louis DWI Lawyer

Keeping Your Criminal Record And Driving Record Clean

In the world of DWI defense, two stories are heard all too often:

A:  “I got arrested last night for drunk driving, and I’m positive that I was good to drive,” or

B:  “I was arrested for drunk driving.  The cop told me I blew way over, so I’m just going to take the conviction and get through my license suspension.”

Oftentimes, the driver in Story A is absolutely right:  The Driver was, in fact, perfectly fine to drive, and was arrested for DWI because he or she was an unfortunate victim of the officer’s poorly-administered sobriety tests.  In a situation like this, it is crucial to hire a DWI attorney as soon as possible, as the clock has already begun to run against you.  After a DWI arrest, you are provided with a very limited amount of time to challenge your driver’s license suspension.  Furthermore, key evidence, such as dashboard camera and in-station video footage, can be destroyed if you do not quickly take the proper steps to ensure that the evidence is preserved.  It requires a highly-competent DWI defense attorney to spot the officers’ mistakes and discredit the officer’s interpretation of the sobriety tests, and video footage oftentimes play a crucial role in preparing the defense.  

As a criminal defense attorney who has handled countless DWI cases in the St. Louis area and various other regions in Missouri and Illinois, Shin Cho knows how important it is to get moving on your case as quickly as possible.  Additionally, he frequently works with the most prominent DWI enforcement expert in the region, for more in-depth expertise.  Rest assured, your case will be in good hands at the Law Office of Shin Cho.   

Moving on to the second scenario:  The Driver in Story B may very well be in even greater need of a skilled DWI defense lawyer than the first one.  All of the same reasons stated above (e.g., the need to preserve evidence, and to carefully scrutinize the sobriety tests for possible mistakes) apply in full force here.  

More importantly, police officers must follow highly-technical rules and procedures when obtaining breath sample (the “breathalyzer”) or drawing blood.  Regardless of how high of a number the breath alcohol analyzer spits out, failure to comply with the rules renders the breath test inadmissible and unmentionable by the prosecutor and Department of Revenue at trial!  The most important decision for you, or anyone else charged with DWI, is to hire an attorney who has the knowledge, experience, and expertise required to determine whether the officer violated the procedural rules and regulations.

St. Louis DWI Lawyer Shin Cho has, on numerous occasions, successfully seen to it that breath test results far over the legal limit of 0.08 were thrown out, and as a result, has secured reduced charges to non-alcohol related violations and even outright dismissal of all charges.     

The Bottom Line: Regardless of whether you blew way over the legal limit, refused to blow altogether, or feel that you did or did not do well on sobriety tests, the importance of obtaining a competent DWI attorney cannot be emphasized enough.  The Law Office of Shin Cho is here to help.


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