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Experienced, Passionate Criminal Defense Attorney

At the Law Office of Shin Cho, clients can rest assured that their cases are in good hands.  Shin Cho has handled well over a thousand criminal and traffic matters, through every single step of the process, from pre-charge phase to jury trial.

St. Louis Criminal Attorney Shin Cho also recognizes the importance of putting his clients’ minds at ease, and taking the weight of the case off of their backs.  Whether it be a simple traffic ticket, a DWI and/or license suspension matter, or a serious felony, you can rely on Mr. Cho to guide you through the legal process.

Shin has been recognized by various reputable legal organizations for excellence in his field as a criminal defense attorney, receiving the Avvo Client’s Choice Award, the Super Lawyers Rising Star designation, and various other accolades.

Types of Cases We Handle

Driving While Intoxicated (DWI / DUI)

Defense attorney Shin Cho has handled numerous drunk driving cases, and can help you navigate the often-confusing process of defending yourself against criminal Missouri or St Louis DWI charges  and fighting to keep your driver’s license.

Drug Possession & Drug Distribution Charges

St. Louis Criminal Lawyer Shin Cho has personally seen to several drug charges being thrown out, after successfully arguing motions to suppress evidence obtained as a result of a warrantless search or seizure, or other constitutional violation.

A good defense attorney knows that the fight isn’t anywhere close to lost simply because the police find drugs / contraband / narcotics in a Client’s house, car, or even in his or her pockets.  Attorney Shin Cho is highly-skilled and experienced in looking deeper into the evidence to see if the drugs were found in violation of his Clients’ constitutional rights.

We represent clients in all misdemeanor or felony narcotics charges, including

Distribution of a Controlled Substance
Possession with Intent to Distribute a Controlled Substance
Possession of a Controlled Substance
Unlawful Use or Possession of Paraphernalia


Sex Offenses

Conviction for a criminal sex offense can lead to years in prison, and the prospect of lifetime mandatory registration on the sex offender registry. But many innocent people get falsely accused of sex crimes, especially date rape, lewd acts with a child, and sexual assault.

St. Louis Criminal Attorney Shin Cho will not only comb through the evidence disclosed by the State – he will also independently investigate the case with our own private investigators and work closely with highly-skilled forensic experts.

We defend against all sex crimes charges, including

Statutory Sodomy
Statutory Rape
Forcible Rape
Child Pornography
Prostitution Solicitation
Indecent Exposure

Stealing-Related Criminal Charges

Most people accused of theft do not have prior criminal history involving more serious offenses, such as violent crimes.  As a defense attorney, Shin Cho knows this is an important factor to consider, both for trial preparation and plea negotiation purposes.  Additionally, oftentimes, it is much more difficult to prove a theft than the State lets on.  For these reasons and more, it is important to retain the services of a criminal defense lawyer who can ensure that your rights are protected throughout the criminal law process.

We represent clients as to all financial and property crimes, such as

Petty Theft (Shoplifting)
Misdemeanor Stealing
Felony Stealing
Felony Stealing as a Repeat Offender
Receiving Stolen Property

Violent Crimes

Prosecutors and judges take violent crimes the most seriously, and under Missouri law, certain crimes classified as “dangerous” offenses can carry harsher sentences.

But many people accused of violent offenses are truly innocent. Often the situation arose out of self-defense, accident, misidentification, false accusations or mental illness. Furthermore, it is important to hire an attorney with the skills necessary to ensure that the burden of proof remains on the State, and the presumption of innocence protects you or a loved one at all stages of the process.

Among the violent crime charges we defend against are:

Domestic Assault 

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